Strategic Plan
2014-15 through 2018-19


Did you know?

Poverty Point Expeditions, by Debbie Buco, contains archaeology activities for elementary and middle school students. This booklet is available to teachers free of charge from the Division of Archaeology. Click the links below to see full content:


CoverThe "Do It Yourself" Atlatl: (lesson) (handout)
Visit Poverty PointPoverty Point Cooking Balls: (lesson) (handout)
IntroductionCooking in an Earth Oven: (lesson) (handout)
An OverviewPoverty Point Ovens: Getting the Temperature Right!: (lesson) (handout) (datasheet)
Timeline of HistoryPrehistoric Pump Drills: (lesson) (handout)
Our Poverty Point Addresses: (lesson) (overhead)Perplexing Poverty Point Figurines: (lesson) (overhead) (handout)
Topography Training: (lesson) (handout) (map)The Run for the Ridges
Building a Mound for the Birds: (lesson) (overhead)Home, Home on the Ridge: (lesson) (handout)
Bird Gods? Fox Man? Long Tail? Too Good to Myth!: (lesson) (overhead) (handout)Artifacts All Over the Place: (lesson) (handout) (datasheet)
Wattle You Build Next?: (lesson ) (handout)Atlatl Antics: (lesson) (overhead) (handout) (data sheet)


Adventures in Classroom Archaeology, by Connie Nobles, contains archaeology activities for grades K-12. Click here for the pdf of Adventures in Classroom Archaeology.

Classroom Archaeology, by Nancy Hawkins, contains archaeology activities for middle school students. Click here for the pdf of Classroom Archaeology.

Louisiana Indians Long Ago is a picture book for lower elementary school students. Click here for the pdf of Louisiana Indians Long Ago.