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Louisiana Bicentennial

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The Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism and the Bicentennial Commission are pleased to make a variety of educational resources and programs available to the public.


Louisiana Business Challenge: Louisiana Tourism
Middle and high school students plan and develop a media campaign to promote tourism in their community or state. Sponsored by the B.I. Moody College of Business Administration, University of Louisiana, Lafayette.


George Rodrigue Foundation for the Arts Bicentennial Poster Contest
Eleventh and twelfth grade students compete for an opportunity to work with Louisiana artist George Rodrigue in developing the official Louisiana Bicentennial Poster.


A Bicentennial Tale
We Want to Be Authors School Project

Students use their knowledge of Louisiana history and the four-square writing method to develop a bicentennial-related children's book.

Coming in October 2011

200 Años en el Proceso
Celebrando el Bicentenario del Estado de Luisian - Referencia Para Educadores

This Spanish edition of the 200 Years in the Making: Celebrating the Bicentennial of Louisiana Statehood Desk Reference for Educators was funded by a P.R.I.D.E. Grant and made possible through the efforts of the Lafayette Parish School System's Spanish emersion educators under the leadership of Maria Sotelo. The Spanish translation was provided by Janeth Patricia Rodríguez.

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  Teacher Workshops
200 Years in the Making

A series of six statewide teacher workshops, held in conjunction with major Louisiana universities, will help K-12 educators integrate the Commission's educational resources with core content instruction.

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Educator Desk Reference
200 Years in the Making

The Bicentennial Desk Reference for K-12 educators will include standards-based essays, lesson plans, student worksheets, and classroom as well as family projects regarding the 1803-1824 territorial and early statehood periods.
   Extent of Louisiana
   Medley of Cultures
   A New American Territory
   Gaining Statehood, 1812
   Growth and Change
   Cities and Towns
   Louisiana Geographic Regions
  Pick Your Passion School & Community Projects
   Appendix and GLEs
   Download Entire Desk Reference