Strategic Plan
2014-15 through 2018-19


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Learning is Sweeeet! Natural Abundance of Louisiana

logo.jpgPre-visit activities will involve students researching the history of  sugar, researching the sugar refining process and researching artifacts and primary sources directly related to sugar production and distribution.  An informative website for exploring the sugar refinement process is listed as a pre-visit activity. 

Post-visit activities will entail students writing a paragraph that is a summary of one item (an artifact/person which helps identify crucial aspects of the sugar refining process) that they selected on the museum visit.  Students will be instructed to write a second paragraph which justifies why the item/person made an impact in sugar production and the distribution of sugar in Louisiana.  Students will also be required to create a sales flyer promoting the item to consumers.  In addition, students will  solve a math problem on  percentages of change regarding obesity facts listed on a table (included) summarizing a study on obesity. 

On the museum visit, students will explore the Natural Abundance and Louisiana Purchase galleries to observe artifacts and informational sources regarding sugar production and refinement in Louisiana.  Students will answer the questions, “How did the soil allow for expansive sugar cane production?” and “How have humans’ actions and processes modified regions where sugarcane is grown?”  Students will choose three artifacts/informational sources that identify crucial aspects of the sugar refining process.  Students will summarize each artifact selected.

Targeted Grades: 6th through 3rd grades

Primary Subject: Social Studies


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