Strategic Plan
2014-15 through 2018-19


Did you know?

Let Them Make (Paper) Cake!

logo.jpgThe teacher guide does not list any pre-visit activities as they are not necessary for this lesson, however It does give suggested instructions for the visit to the museum.

The teacher guide includes post- activity instructions on the construction of the model (cake).  The post-activity includes geometric concepts, properties, and relationships in a problem solving situation.  Also, skills in English Language Arts are required. 

On the museum visit, students will be arranged in groups of three.  The  student groups will tour the museum galleries in search of a theme for their model (cake).  (Ex:  Mardi Gras, Huey P. Long, Louisiana Purchase).  Each student will develop text about the chosen theme while in the museum.

Targeted Grades: 6th through 8th Grade

Primary Subject: Math


"Let Them Make (Paper) Cake!" Guides
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