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The Louisiana State Museum maintains an extensive collection of sports items related to Louisiana athletes, teams and sporting events. Artifacts include sports equipment used by famous athletes from Louisiana or Louisiana teams and memorabilia such as trophies and souvenirs from sporting events. Notable sports items include a commemorative game football given to former New Orleans Saints quarterback Bobby Hebert and baseballs autographed by baseball legend Melvin Ott. The Louisiana State Museum will open the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame in Natchitoches, LA in the summer of 2013, where many of these items will be featured.

The museum's collection of gaming artifacts includes board game pieces such as checkers or chess pieces, playing cards, dominoes, and dice. Many playing card sets in the museum's holdings date back to mid 19th century, when cards were a primary source of household entertainment. This collection also holds artifacts related to commercial and illegal gambling, such as poker chips, a slot machine, and gambling tokens, primarily from 20th century Louisiana.

The museum holds a large collection of children's toys including many different types of dolls, doll clothing, doll furniture, tea sets, toy cars and boats, toy guns, and action figures. The nineteenth and early twentieth centuries are well represented in the LSM toy collection; many bisque and porcelain dolls date back to the early nineteenth century and several early twentieth century toy cars represent the impact of a newly formed automobile industry. Many nineteenth century toys can be seen on display in the children's room at the 1850 House in Jackson Square in New Orleans.