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Tools and Equipment to Manipulate Materials

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This group of artifacts includes objects used to manipulate and harvest raw materials and commodities into salable products. The industries represented range from industries of Louisiana's past to industries operating in Louisiana today.

Objects relating to Agriculture
The cotton industry is well represented by a portable cotton press and several scales used on plantations and on the waterfront in New Orleans to prepare cotton for market. Items related to the sugar industry include thermometers, saccharimeters, marble mortars, and a modern cane harvester. A tobacco press along with cigar rollers, cutters and carrots of tobacco are remnants of a once prominent tobacco industry in this state.

Textile Working
An extensive collection of Acadian tools for making textiles is held by the museum. These include full-size looms, small clock reels, bobbins, shuttles, and spinning reels. The museum also has a small cotton gin on display that was used on a plantation near Monroe, Louisiana.

Prominent Louisiana metalworkers whose tools are represented in the museum's collection include some of the doubloon dies and test strikes of H. Alvin Sharp, known locally as the father of the modern Mardi Gras doubloon. Also included are many metal working tools from the U.S. Mint in New Orleans and tools from metal shops in New Orleans.

Woodworking Tools
A variety of items are represented in the museum's collection of tools designed to manipulate wood. These include the wheelwright's tools of Charles Nicholas Foltz and an extensive collection of tools related to the cypress lumber industry. Many cypress industry tools can be viewed in the Cypress Sawmill exhibit at the Louisiana State Museum in Patterson. These items are owned by the Cypress Sawmill Foundation in Patterson, an organization committed to the preservation of cypress lumber industry history in South Louisiana.