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Introduction Colonial History 1721-1788 19th Century History 1813-1892 Private Ownership to Public Trust 1892-1947 How Madame John's Legacy Got Its Name Table Of Ownership 1721-1947

DateOwnershipArcitecture/ NotesSource
1721Unknown (probably Jean Pascal), likely a land grantsmall buildings presentAnonymous map
1728Jean Pascal Gonichon map
1729Jean Pascal dies and wife Elizabeth Real Pascal inherits  
1731Elizabeth Real Pascal marries neighbor Francois Marinhouse very similar to present structure (minus porches and shifted off the street and closer to Royal); flanked by two square "pavillions" on raised brick wallsGonichon map
1740'sFrancois Marin dies  
1776Widow Pascal Marin sells the corner portion of lot (at Royal) to J.B. Laporte72' x 22' building appearing to include the original compound’s lakeside pavillion with low addition, forming a building with long side on Royal; built by Widow PascalNONA, Acts. of J.B. Garic, 12 Sept 1776
1777Widow Pascal Marin dies and grandson Don Francisco Goudeau inherits  
1777Santiago Lemelle by purchasedescribed as an "old house" with a kitchen on the lot (probably the riverside pavillion)NONA, J.B. Garic 12 Sept 1776
1778Rene Beluche by purchase NONA, J.B.
Garic 30 July 1778
1778-83ceded by Beluche to his father-in-law next door (Laporte) on lot B as payment for work done on lot A housemain house "worked on"(Long 1964:3); NONA F. Rodriguez 23 May 1783
1778-83ceded by Beluche to his father-in-law next door (Laporte) on lot B as payment for work done on lot A housemain house "worked on"(Long 1964:3); NONA F. Rodriguez 23 May 1783
1783Manuel de Lanzos by purchasehouse has ironworkNONA F. Rodriguez 23 May 1783
1788Manuel de Lanzoshouse burns and is rebuilt by an American builder Robert Jones; corresponds to present structureNONA Pedro Pedesclaux 1 April 1788
1813De Lanzos’ widow and heirsdescription has not changed from 1788NONA N. Broutin 29 March 1813
1813Dominique Seghers by purchaseearlier in year, Seghers purchased riverside lot and later garden spaceNONA Pedro Pedesclaux 7 June 1813
1819Mme. Seghers diesa riverside gallery has been added; also mentions two colombage structures: a kitchen with adjoining chamber and gallery with cabinet in the yard and a washhouse in the backVCS, uncited inventory of succession for Mme. Dominique Seghers
1820acquired by Segher creditors, sold to Maurice Prevost, then to Mme. Marie Louise Patin Roman in quick order NONA Phillipe Pedesclaux 13 April 1820, VCS
1827Mme. Marie Louise Patin Romanbuilding contract for a ‘kitchen" matching description of present narrow service buildingNONA H.K. Gordon 12 Oct. 1827
1831heirs of Mme. Roman VCS
1836Barthelemy Jourdan by purchaselot includes present-day 624 DumaineNONA, F. Grima 12 Sept 1836
1841Jean Martial Dupierris purchases from Jourdan’s creditors NONA, L.T. Claire 1 March 1841
1844Mrs. Manette Trudeau Kerr by purchase NONA, A. Mazureau 12 April 1844
1846C.J. Masony by purchase NONA, 18 Sept 1846
1847William C. C. Claiborne by purchase NONA, C. Boudousquie 23 Nov 1847
1890Claiborne heirs by succession NONA, CDC 31476 28 Nov
1892J.B. Canepa by purchase NONA, C.T. Soniat 23 April 1892
1915Canepa heirs by succession NONA, CDC 111852 22 March 1915
1916Canepa Realty Co. by purchase NONA E. Vidrine 24 Jan 1916
1920William Bischof by purchase NONA E. Vidrine 9 Nov 1920
1925Mrs. Stella Lemann by purchase NONA W.K. Leverich 26 May 1925
1947Louisiana State Museum by donation NONA, R.G. Polack 22 Sept 1947 & COB 553/125 (22 Sept 1947)