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The formal separation of Church and State had been largely achieved in Louisiana by the time of statehood in 1812, but believers of diverse faiths continued to ask for divine intervention in secular and political affairs.

The Ursuline Nuns led just such a campaign when they and the Catholic women of New Orleans prayed to Our Lady of Prompt Succor imploring her to intercede on behalf of the American forces in the Battle of New Orleans. These images attest to the belief that those prayers were answered and contributed to the Americans’ defeat of the numerically and militarily superior British forces.

A close identification between New Orleans and our Lady of Prompt Succor dates to this event. Since that time, an annual Mass has been held at the Ursuline Convent to give thanks for the victory over the British.

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Battle of New Orleans Mosaic, Old Ursuline Convent Garden
c. 1980

Courtesy of the Archdiocese of New Orleans