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Zulu King

Zulu Characters

The Zulu characters have been a part of the parade since the very beginning, starting with the king. Through the years, Zulu developed additional characters including the Witch Doctor, the Big Shot of Africa, the Ambassador, the Mayor, the Province Prince, the Governor, and Mr. Big Stuff.

The Witch Doctor was created in the 1920s. He is known as the sorcerer asking for safety, good health, and pleasant weather on Mardi Gras.

The Big Shot dates to 1930. His role is to “outshine” the king for attention. He dresses very flamboyantly and stands out from other members with his large cigar, glass doorknob for a diamond ring, and derby hat.

Mr. Big Stuff was created in 1972 and named after a hit record by New Orleans soul singer Jean Knight. He’s known as a ladies’ man who dresses with class and style.

But some characters were short-lived. In the 1930s and 1940s, Zulu parades featured characters like Chief Ubangi, Zambango the Snake Man, the Head Hunter, and Jungle Jim.