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A Medley of Cultures

A Medley of Cultures
Louisiana History at the Cabildo
by Kimberly S. Hanger

Medley of Cultures contains essays on topics in Louisiana history from European exploration through the Reconstruction period, all based on recent scholarship. Chapters expand on information presented in the exhibit text, including cultural, economic, educational, and recreational history; disease and death; and epochal events like the Battle of New Orleans and the Civil War.

Printing and all distribution costs--including one copy to every school and parish library in Louisiana--was made possible by a grant to the Louisiana Museum Foundation from the Booth-Bricker Fund.

Initial research for the essays was supported by a grant from the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities. The book was written by former State Museum historian, Dr. Kimberly Hanger, and edited by our current historian, Dr. Karen Leathem.

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