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Overview 488KB PDF
2003 Tourism Satellite Account 913KB PDF
2004 Tourism Satellite Account 138KB PDF
Louisiana State Museum 3.03MB PDF
Office of Cultural Development 1.23MB PDF
Louisiana State Library 1.44MB PDF
Louisiana Retirement Development Commission 714KB PDF
Audubon Golf Trail 181KB PDF
Louisiana Scenic Byways 481KB PDF
Mississippi River Road 133KB PDF
Red River Development Commission 164KB PDF
Atchafalaya Trace 180KB PDF
Louisiana Serve Commission 748KB PDF
Louisiana State Parks 334KB PDF
Bayou Segnette 200KB PDF
Chemin-A-Haut 196KB PDF
Chicot 202KB PDF
Cypremort Point 202KB PDF
Fairview-Riverside 201KB PDF
Fountainebleau 201KB PDF
Grand Isle 204KB PDF
Jimmie Davis 209KB PDF
Lake Bistineau 201KB PDF
Lake Bruin 201KB PDF
Lake Claiborne 201KB PDF
Lake D'Arbonne 202KB PDF
Lake Fausse Pointe 202KB PDF
North Toledo Bend 202KB PDF
Poverty Point 201KB PDF
Sam Houston 202KB PDF
South Toledo Bend 201KB PDF
St. Bernard 201KB PDF
Tickfaw 201KB PDF

This report is in response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) received from the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism and the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, dated May 17, 2004.

The overall objective of this study is to provide detailed analyses of the impact of the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism's (CRT) major divisions on Louisiana's economy and quality of life for it's citizens. The study provides: detailed economic impact statements, return on investment and return on objectives for each majordivision of the Department. To that end, assesment and analysis of curently existing data was conducted, as well as development of methods to collect data that was deemed lacking in each of the divisions, including mail, telephone and internet surveys. In addition, a Travel and Tourism Satellite Account for Louisiana was developed. The end result is a quantitative and/or qualitative assesment of the impact of each of the Department's divisions and a determination of the overall economic impact of tourism to Louisiana.

The University of New Orleans acted as the lead research institution for a team of researchers it assembled (The Louisiana Research Team) who worked in a collaborative effort to complete this project. The Louisiana Research Team members are as follows:

University of New Orleans, Hospitality Research Center
Janet Speyrer, Ph.D.
John A. Williams, Ph.D.
Harsha Chacko, Ph.D.
Bridget Bordelon, Ph.D.
Mariane Hawkins Marcell
Marilyn Hankel
Melody Alijani

Louisiana State University Baton Rouge
Dek Terrell, Ph.D.
Robert Newman, Ph.D.
Ryan Bilbo
Steve Procopio, Ph.D.
Srinivas Thouta

Louisiana State University Shreveport
Susan Beal

McNeese State University
Darryl Burckel, Ph.D.

The final document as edited by Karen Brakel of the University of New Orleans.

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