Hosting an educational tour for Louisiana's Travel Counselors is a great example of a win-win situation: the destination is able to train a group of influential advisers to be ambassadors and the travel counselors become more knowledgeable and able to serve the traveling public. The guidelines are simple:

  • Participation is generally from 25-35 travel counselors from all of the welcome centers throughout the state.

  • The destination handles the arrangements as much as practical; the same way any "FAM" tour would be planned. A final, timed itinerary with contact information should be provided to each participant.

  • Rooms and as many meals as practical should be provided on a complimentary basis. If there's a problem with this, we can talk about it.

  • Counselors stay two to a room, perhaps more if two-bedroom suites are offered. Three singles are needed for management staff. It is preferable that the entire group stays at one hotel.

  • Keep in mind that wherever you are located in Louisiana, some travel counselors will be located two to six hours away from you. Please plan your itinerary to begin and end appropriately, so no one is left out of any activity because of geography.

  • Circumstances may mean that room lists and meal counts are adjusted right up until check in time.

  • We do ask that every Welcome Center Program employee who participates in the FAM participate in the entire program, to protect your investment and the investment of your stakeholders.

  • Two nights generally allow plenty of time for most destinations; if time permits and we need to squeeze in a short supervisor/management team meeting, a third may be scheduled. We can generally handle a state rate for that.

  • Weekdays are best – late week is preferred, but we can work with an early week schedule.

  • Transportation and step on services should be provided by the destination. Think of the price of diesel before you commit!

  • Yes, we do tip and buy our own alcohol - and not everyone does that!
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