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Welcome to the Louisiana Division of Historic Preservation's National Register Database. Louisiana is privileged to have over 1300 entries on this prestigious list, and the number continues to rise. Because our listings embody the state's most significant historic sites, Louisiana's National Register properties should be a major focus of any study relating to our heritage. For this reason, the Louisiana Legislature has mandated that the Division of Historic Preservation make this information readily available to the public in a manner appealing to citizens of all ages. Narratives describing the property and explaining its importance (Parts 7 & 8 of the National Register Nomination Form), and a selection of photographs and location maps are provided for each property/district in the database. Historic district maps are in PDF format, which allows you to enlarge them for easier reading. The narratives are also in PDF format. We hope that your National Register research will be easy and enjoyable.



 Recently, our website switched to a new server and we have been experiencing a few issues when searching the National Register Database including the database resetting when viewing multiple pages when searching by city, parish, etc. Please see the following document for instructions should you also encounter these issues: How To Navigate the National Register Database

Search The National Register Database

Attention Preparers of National Register Nominations:

The National Park Service occasionally changes or adds requirements for the physical description and significance statement narratives that form the most important part of the National Register form. Therefore, many of the examples included in this data base no longer illustrate the current requirements. We strongly suggest that you contact our National Register Coordinator at (225) 219-4595 before you begin writing your nomination.

Attention Tax Credit Applicants:

Maps of all the National Register historic districts in Louisiana cities and towns where there is likely to be interest in either the federal or state tax credit program are included in this database with their boundaries outlined in red. If your property lies within a National Register district's boundaries, was 50 or more years of age at the time of the district's nomination, and retains its historic character, it is listed on the National Register. If your property is located along a boundary of one of the National Register districts and you remain unsure of your property's Register status for any reason, please telephone the Louisiana National Register Coordinator at (225) 219-4595.


New Orleans National Register Historic Districts ↓ See more.

The National Register historic districts of New Orleans are major factors in defining the city's historic character and stimulating its economic growth. A comprehensive map showing the boundaries of these districts has long been needed by home owners, developers, business owners and tourists.

The Division of Historic Preservation is pleased to have assisted the City of New Orleans in the creation of this important tool. DHP wishes to thank Doug Paulson, GISP/GIS Analyst and Denice Ross, Director, both with the city's Office of Information Technology and Innovation, Enterprise Information Team, for generously inviting us to participate in their project and allowing us to post the map on our web site.

To view/download the full map, click below:

New Orleans National Register Historic Districts map (28MB PDF) New Orleans National Register Historic Districts map

To view an interactive map of the National Register of Historic Places districts, please visit www.data.nola.gov.

Please remember the following important points when using the New Orleans Historic Districts map:

  • The map can be enlarged for viewing by using the software's zoom function.
  • National Register-listed Historic Districts are indicated by red lines.
  • Proposed (but not listed) National Register historic districts or boundary extensions of existing districts are indicated by orange lines. Properties in the latter areas are not eligible for the Federal 20% Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit.
  • Local historic districts (administered by the city's Historic District Landmarks Commission) are also shown on the map. These are designated in blue and green. Local recognition does not make properties eligible for National Register benefits and protections.
  • An area may be both a National Register and a local historic district. These districts usually have different boundaries. For Federal 20% Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit purposes, the National Register boundary applies.
  • Despite their location within National Register historic district boundaries, properties that were less than 50 years old at the time the district was created and properties that have lost their original character are not considered historic. These properties are not eligible for the benefits that accompany Register listing.
  • Although it is possible to download the map to individual computers, the map will change if and when new districts and updates/expansions of currently-listed districts are added to the Register. We recommend that you check occasionally to make sure you are using the most recent version of the map.

Determining the National Register Status of a Property
Louisiana's National Register historic district documentation does not include inventories designating the National Register status of each property within a district's boundaries. Thus, we use a two-step process for confirming the National Register status of a property within a district.

  • Confirm that your location is within the boundaries of one of the city's National Register-listed historic districts by using the historic district map.
  • Send the following information to the National Register Coordinator:
    • Name of the historic district in which the property is located
    • Street address of the property
    • Names of the cross streets on each side of the property
    • Good photo of the property's façade (front elevation)
    • Your contact information (via e-mail or U.S. Postal Service)

    Send this information to:
    orU.S. Postal Service Mail:
    Jessica G. Richardson
    National Register Coordinator
    Division of Historic Preservation
    P. O. Box 44247
    Baton Rouge, LA 70804

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For more information contact
Historic Preservation's National Register Coordinator,
Jessica G. Richardson.
Mailing AddressP.O. Box 44247
Baton Rouge LA 70804
Phone:(225) 219-4595
Fax:(225) 342-8173