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We welcome your interest in nominating a property to the National Register of Historic Places. The information below will provide all the guidance you need to get the process started. The required forms may be obtained through links in this document, or you may request a packet be sent to you in the mail.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the National Register Coordinator at 225-219-4595. We look forward to working with you.

The National Register Listing Process

I. Determination of Eligibility ↓ See more.

  • Please review the National Register Eligibility Guidelines.
  • The next step in having a Louisiana property listed in the National Register of Historic Places is completion of an Eligibility Questionnaire. This form outlines the information required by DHP staff to evaluate possible eligibility. A thorough and accurate response to these questions is required for completion of the preliminary evaluation process. The questionnaire may be submitted to DHP at any time. Once the review is completed, you will be notified of the Staff Evaluation Committee's findings. 
Eligibility Form
National Register of Historic Places Individual Resource Eligibility Questionnaire
Historic District Eligibility Questionnairepdf_icon.png 
Cemetery Eligibility Questionnairepdf_icon.png 

  • If your property is determined potentially eligible, DHP staff members will contact you to arrange a site visit to the property. It is important to note that DHP staff is not committed to taking the property's nomination before the National Register Review Committee until this visit has been completed and a nomination form has been received and approved by DHP.

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II. Nomination Packet ↓ See more.

PLEASE NOTE: Actual nominations should not be submitted until review of the Preliminary Determination of Eligibility Questionnaire has been completed and you have received a letter notifying you that DHP believes the candidate to be eligible.
  • After the site visit has been completed and eligibility confirmed, you will be responsible for completing the National Register nomination form. Although DHP will provide a packet of information to help you with preparing the nomination, you have the option of working with a professional preservation consultant in completing the nomination form.
  • An application undergoes a series of technical and substantive reviews to assure that it meets National Register criteria. When the form is completed and corrected to DHP's satisfaction, we will notify you and schedule the property for consideration at a future meeting of the Louisiana National Register Review Committee.
  • Please understand that we can make no promises concerning the outcome of the nomination process. It is important to note that not every historic site or old building or neighborhood is eligible for the National Register. Properties must have some type of significance either on the national, state, or local level in order to qualify as well as integrity. The staff's role is to recommend whether a property should be presented to the State Review Committee. The final decision lies with this committee and, ultimately, with the National Park Service (NPS) in Washington, D. C.

Timetable and Deadlines

  • Louisiana's National Register Review Committee considers nominations three times a year - in the Spring (April or May), late summer (July or August), and mid-November. The Louisiana Division of Historic Preservation will place a nomination on a Review Committee's meeting agenda only after the document has been completed to the staff's satisfaction and all support materials have been received. Experience has shown that it usually takes multiple drafts before a nomination is technically correct and ready to go on an agenda.
  • Deadlines for completing nominations for specific Review Committee Meeting agendas vary according to the location of the property: 
  • Certified Local Government (CLG) Communities: The Certified Local Government (CLG) program is a partnership between local citizens, the State Historic Preservation Office, and the National Park Service. CLGs have an established local historic district, ordinance, and historic district commission. The 1980 amendments to the National Historic Preservation Act allow CLG communities to review and comment on each property or district proposed for the National Register within their jurisdiction. The comment period is 60 days. To allow the Division to facilitate the CLG's right to review and comment, a nomination in a CLG must be completed a minimum of 75 days before the meeting at which the nomination is to be considered. Click here to find out if your community participates in the CLG program.
  • All Other Communities: The Division of Historic Preservation is required to legally notify owners of nominated properties that their properties are being nominated to the National Register a minimum of 30 days before a Review Committee meeting. Additionally, time is needed to prepare official notification letters or public notices for publication in local newspapers. Thus, nominations must be complete a minimum of 45 days before the Review Committee meeting at which the nomination is to be considered.
  • Unfortunately, nominations cannot be scheduled for a particular agenda after the deadlines provided below have passed. 

2014 and 2015 National Register Nomination Deadlines: 

Meeting DateFinal Draft Deadline for nominations within a CLG CommunityFinal Draft Deadline for All Other Cities
November 20, 2014 September 5, 2014October 6, 2014
April 14, 2015January 29, 2015February 27, 2015
August 13, 2015May 29, 2015June 29, 2015
December 3, 2015September 19, 2015October 19, 2015


National Register Nomination Packet

The following materials are required as part of the completed nomination packet:

  1. A draft of your National Register Nomination Form in a Microsoft Word Document:
    • The submission should include a digital copy of the nomination form. Digital documents can be submitted via cd, email, or through an online sharing website (Dropbox, etc).
  2. Site Map (Example)
  3. Legal Property Description or Plat Map (Example)
  4. Digital Maps of the Property (NPS Digital Mapping guidelines)
  5. Photographs
    • Digital Photographs: Photo Guidelines
    • All digital photographs (TIFFS and JPEGS) should be burned to a CD, jump drive, or shared via an online file sharing website (Dropbox, etc)
    • Photos failing to meet these requirements will be rejected, with the accompanying nomination placed on hold until proper photographs are received. Contact the National Register Coordinator if you cannot obtain archival photo
  6. Political Representation List
  7. Ownership Verification Form
  8. Copyright Form 

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III. Presentation to the Louisiana National Register Review Committee ↓ See more.

  • On acceptance of a completed nomination by the specified deadline, the staff will schedule the property for presentation to the State Review Committee. The Committee is a group of at least nine, but no more than thirteen professionals and lay persons interested in preservation that must recommend acceptance of the nomination before it can be forwarded to the National Register office in Washington, D. C. The nomination preparer (owner, applicant, or consultant) will be required to present a short PowerPoint presentation (5-10 minutes in length) at the Review Committee meeting. (See the Guidelines for PowerPoint Presentations). All parties involved will receive an official notification letter one month prior to the date of this meeting informing him/her of the location and time. All interested parties are welcome to attend this public meeting. Although attendance is voluntary, it is important for owners to understand that Review Committee members view their attendance as acknowledgement of the owner's full support of the nomination. After each presentation, the Committee will discuss and vote on whether to recommend the nomination to the State Historic Preservation Officer.

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IV. Appeal Process ↓ See more.

  • Louisiana's goal is to make the National Register program as inclusive as possible. However, some candidates simply do not appear to meet the program's eligibility guidelines. To ensure that every candidate has a fair hearing, any person or local government has the right to appeal a State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) decision not to nominate a property. This decision can occur at either the staff or the Review Committee level.

  • Appeal of a Staff-Level Decision
    • The state's National Register staff has the responsibility of screening applications and suggesting whether candidates should or should not move forward in the listing process. These evaluations are based upon the National Register Criteria for evaluation. Reasons for a negative recommendation will be thoroughly explained to the applicant. If the applicant does not agree with these reasons, he has the right of appeal.
    • In Louisiana, the first appeal is heard by the National Register Review Committee. This appeal takes the form of a completed National Register nomination, which the applicant or his consultant prepares and presents to the Committee at one of its thrice-yearly public meetings. Staff will provide the materials needed to prepare the nomination and assign the application to a Review Committee agenda according to the completion deadlines provided above. The Committee may endorse a nomination, fail to endorse a nomination, or table a nomination for any reason. All nominations approved by the Committee are forwarded to the National Park Service for further review.

  • Appeal of a Review Committee Decision
    • If the state's National Register Review Committee declines to approve a candidate, the applicant may appeal directly to the Keeper of the National Register at the National Park Service. The appeal must include a copy of the nomination form and other documentation submitted to the SHPO, an explanation of the reason for the appeal, a copy of the pertinent Review Committee Minutes, and relevant correspondence from the SHPO. Staff will provide a copy of the minutes and copies of correspondence if the applicant no longer has the latter. There is no appeal beyond the Keeper's decision.

Further information on appeals can be found in the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (United States Code, Title 16, subsection 470, or 16 USC 470) and the regulations that govern how that section of the law is implemented (Code of Federal Regulations, Part 36, subsection 60, or 36 CFR 60).
National Historic Preservation Act of 1966
amended through 2006
Code of Federal Regulations

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V. Preparation of Final Nomination Form and Listing ↓ See more.

  • After approval by the Louisiana National Register Review Committee, the final nomination must be completed. The applicant will be responsible for making any needed corrections to the final form. The National Register staff will thoroughly explain any changes required and will assist where needed. 
  • The nomination is then forwarded to the National Register office of the National Park Service in Washington, D. C. Their staff will make a determination within 45 days from the date the application is logged into their system. Once official notification of listing is received, DHP will notify the applicant of the decision by letter. DHP will provide owners of listed properties with a National Register certificate. DHP does not provide plaques; however, information on ordering a plaque will be mailed to the owner of the listed property along with the letter announcing the property's listing in the National Register.

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